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The Arab Took Out a Knife And I Was Staring Death In The Eye

I want to share with you a true story, an amazing miracle which I heard about on Motzaei Shabbat, Parshat Lech Lecha. The story will bring people encouragement, especially in this difficult period that we are experiencing. I will preface by saying that since Hashem granted me the merit of visiting the grave of David HaMelech and being among those who pray and long for the Kingdom of David to be resurrected, I have heard numerous stories of miracles concerning this site.

I heard this story from the person it happened to. Yishayahu (that was his name) told it to all those present at the grave.

” Every Motzaei Shabbat we are accustomed to walking to the Melave Malka (accompanying the queen- Shabbat) meal which takes place at the grave of David Hamelech and this week too I left my house in central Jerusalem together with my two daughters and we started walking towards the grave. Suddenly near one of the passageways adjacent to the market of Machane Yehuda, a young Arab emerged with a knife in his hands. He jumped on me with a murderous look in his eyes, shouting “Itbach Al- Yahud, Itbach Al Yahud” (kill the Jews).

The place was deserted and there was nobody around who could come to our aid. I could see death staring me in the face. My girls started screaming in fright, but I was left totally speechless. Fear gripped me and I couldn't think of any response or logical course of action.

I don't know where this came from, but just at that moment of hopelessness and panic, I looked him in the face with an angry stare and began to scream at him madly: “No! You can't do this to us, we are on the way to David Hamelech! You can't do this to us, we are on the way to David Hamelech!

For a few seconds I thought that the Arab would be even more motivated to hurt us, but Thank G-d we saw how the look on his face changed and he looked strangely fearful. He ran away as fast as he could, leaving us unharmed.

We were in shock, amazed at the miracle which had happened to us. In the merit of the meal in honor of David Hamelech every week (The meal on Motzaei Shabbat is supposed to correspond to David, king of Israel)- we felt that Hashem had sent us David HaMelech himself to accompany us and protect us from harm.”

I heard the story from Yishayahu himself during the meal and we were all touched by the incredible miracle which he and his daughters had experienced and I'm sure that this is one of many miracles which happen to Am Yisrael every day.


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