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The Easy Way to Remove a Splinter

Sometimes, with a bit of resourcefulness and out of the box thinking you can get great results in solving everyday problems. A mother had trouble with her daughter having stepped on a splinter that got into her foot. Claire Bolen Jones was that mother who shared her solution on social media that went viral getting over 100,000 likes in a short time.

She explained that “when your child gets a splinter, most people run to get their tweezers. I also used to do that dozens of times until I understood that the harm it does is greater than the benefit. For not only do I cause the child pain, I make it more difficult to get that stubborn splinter out.”
Photo from Claire's Facebook page

The last time her daughter got a splinter in her foot Claire came up with a helpful solution that was quite simple: “I took a syringe I had at home that is important that every parent should have. I cut off the plastic point at its base so there was only a hole left. I then placed the hole on the splinter and sucked it out with the syringe. In a moment the splinter was out! If it doesn’t work the first time repeat it a few times and you’ll see that it works!”


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