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The Human Body – A Serious Operation

In the amazing country that is the human body, we find a ramified, orderly network of rivers, which split into streams and fine tubes that link everything to everything else. These are the body’s arteries, veins and capillaries, with a total length of more than one hundred thousand kilometers. (The entire planet Earth has a circumference of “only” forty thousand kilometers!)

Who or what travels these transport routes? Is it just ordinary vehicles, or do police and other emergency service vehicles also use them, just like in modern states?

Amazingly, it is not only transport vehicles that travel along these roads – the police are out in force, and regular citizens as well often travel the roads in the country of the human body. Tourists from abroad are often seen – both friendly and hostile. The military, emergency services and civil defense forces are often found in pursuit of foes. They make arrests, imprison and sometimes even wage bloody war in the state, if the state’s civil defense forces issue an order for a general call-up.

Millions of vast red ships constantly sailing up and down the rivers load and unload cargo at the special loading docks called the “lungs.” While navigating the narrow channels in the lungs, they unload the waste product called “carbon dioxide,’ which they bring back from their long journeys and use a different absorption method to load the life-giving food called “oxygen” which fills the lungs with every breath.

The lung loading docks work 24/7 and the breathing system expels the waste out of the body. Outside the body, there is an enormous mechanism, called the world of plants, which soaks up the human carbon dioxide waste and uses it for its own basic nutrient. The plants break down carbon dioxide and expel oxygen as their waste product, which is essential for human life. Thus, the cycle continues.

The vast red tankers carry the cargo of oxygen on their one hundred thousand kilometer journey around the human body. As they pass by each cell, the latter may take as much oxygen as it requires and replace it with the carbon dioxide waste, which it does not need. Beyond the use that each cell can make of the tankers’ capabilities as they pass by, each cell is entitled to use the many openings in its protective wall to excrete any other type of waste product, toxin, or excess water, directly into the flowing river, without any concern that it will cause pollution or disturb the environmental balance. Within just a few seconds, the river’s flow will reach one of the enormous factories called “kidneys.”

At these factories, all the fluid in the river passes through filters with an incredibly large filtration capacity. The various waste products, toxins, excess water and more are separated from the river’s natural flow and are sent down special tubes into a large storage room called the bladder. When the storage space in this room is full, it sends a signal through the complex but highly efficient internal communications system to the control center in the brain. After receiving the “storage full” signal, the brain sends orders to open the floodgates on the other side of the storage room and all the room’s contents are expelled out of the body.

There is much more going on. Apart from the vast red tankers constantly sailing up and down the rivers, white warships carrying espionage systems, warning systems and a range of sophisticated weaponry are always on patrol in all the shipping lanes. The warships’ task is to identify among the millions of innocent tourists traveling along the rivers and visiting the cities and states, all the hostile visitors intent on harming the state. Once identified, hostile visitors are surrounded and destroyed.

In times of peace, there is no need for a large standing army and navy; thus, compared with the number of tankers; there are relatively few warships on patrol – perhaps a ratio of one to five hundred. In other words, there are five hundred red tankers (red blood cells) for every white warship (white blood cells), so that blood is red in color. Relatively speaking, the number of white warship cells might be small, but estimates suggest that the human body contains some tens of billions of this type of cell. The white warship cells patrol 24/7 along the endless number of rivers and channels in the blood system network, looking at everyone that crosses their path and using the special sensors that detect their precise chemical makeup in order to decide if they are one of ours, or one of theirs – hostile intruders from the world of bacteria and viruses. The moment a hostile intruder is identified, the alarm is sounded and the reaction is unrelenting as the warship goes to battle stations. It changes its delicate, round shape, and extends tentacles towards the enemy. After thus surrounding the intruder, it draws it back toward the mother warship – the white cell. While still surrounding the enemy with tentacles, the warship also extends special hoses, which spray a variety of chemicals onto the enemy, destroying it and then digesting the remains.

If all this has given the impression that the battle has been won and the war is over, in fact it is only the beginning. In this state, the military leadership’s working assumption is that if any of the enemy has successfully penetrated into the human body, it will not be alone. There may be many more, possibly thousands, tens of thousands or even millions of enemy “ships” sailing about through the body.

Therefore, after destroying a single intruder, the computer brain inside the victorious white warship cell examines and identifies the type and variety of enemy it has destroyed and immediately displays the enemy’s identifying marks on the white cell’s outer surface. Another type of ship called lymphocytes are also always on patrol in the blood network. Their job is to collect and disseminate important new information in “real time.” They read the information posted on the surface of the warship white cells and pass it on up the chain of command as quickly as possible.

At the advanced Intruder Warfare Laboratories, located in structures called lymph nodes, the data received is processed and the laboratory scientists begin manufacturing special antibodies, with a chemical structure specifically designed to wipe out the type of enemy just discovered in the body.

As manufacturing speeds up, large numbers of the special, enemy-specific antibodies are pumped out of the lymph nodes into the national blood network. The special antibodies disperse rapidly to every corner of the network and as they travel, home in on and latch onto the enemy with the specific structure they have been designed to attack. The captured enemy is unable to move and is therefore rendered harmless. In the meanwhile, a white warship is on its way to destroy the enemy in its own special way.

What happens when a sly, artful enemy virus sends out false signals to confuse the system (something like using a forged passport)? If successful, it may fool the body’s defense system and manage to penetrate a cell and fuse with the cell nucleus. Then, when the cell divides, it will duplicate and spread the virus itself.

When this type of scenario occurs, special units of lymphocyte warriors go into action. They are equipped with smart identification systems and powerful attack mechanisms with the ability to destroy entire cities (cells). These units patrol the shipping lanes and if their sensors detect a cell that has been invaded and overtaken by viruses using it to duplicate themselves, the lymphocyte warriors attack and destroy the host cell together with its unwelcome visitor in a battle in which no mercy is given.

If once we were of the opinion that this fascinating type of warfare occurs only every few years, it is now clear that at any given moment, many of these wars are underway, each different from the others in type and intensity as part of the normal activities in our immune systems.

What about us? We live and function as we choose, dealing with what interests us yet totally unaware of the multitude of dangers we are saved from any number of times every day. The human immune system was created in a way that enables it to repel these attacks completely, exactly as described above.

Who was looking out for us?

Who planned and set up this powerful sophisticated system, which works with such consummate coordination between its disparate parts?

Is it possible that all the identification, marking, reading, manufacturing, patrolling, and attacking systems described were created by themselves?

After looking at these systems, one needn’t be a genius to reach the obvious conclusion.


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