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The Israeli Politician Who Saved a Jewish Woman from ISIS

Deputy Minister Ayub Kara revealed that a well known Jerusalemite family approached him and asked his intervention to bring a family member in danger to Israel after she fled her Muslim husband in Kurdistan when he tried to sell her to the ISIS terrorist group.

“I fortunately was able to carry out ‘redemption of captives’ and bring a Jewish woman from Kurdistan after years of suffering under the hand of a Muslim husband who had joined the ISIS terrorist group,” Kara said.

The story began two months ago when the woman’s Jewish family in Jerusalem approached Kara and asked him to bring the woman to Israel after she had fled her husband in Kurdistan. “I immediately turned to a close friend who works in the region and within a few hours, he took the woman under his protection, while caring for all her needs, including a hotel, doctors and medications to heal the wounds inflicted on her. They also made sure she was protected by a guard since the relatives of her husband’s family wanted to put her on trial.”

In the meantime, Israel’s Interior Ministry provided the necessary authorization to bring the woman to safety in Israel, and last week, Mrs. B. H. had already joined her family in Israel.

Kara added that he is pushing towards bringing all the Jews in Kurdistan to Israel and is forming ties with the head of the Kurdish government to provide visas and other easier legal measures so Kurdistan families who are interested in receiving medical treatment in Israel can do so.


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