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“The Jewish Nation Lost Its Central Spiritual Lighthouse”

The prime minister’s office released a special notice of mourning for the passing of the Torah Giant Rabbi Shteinman.

“With deep pain I received the knowledge of the passing of the Torah giant and Rosh Yeshiva. The rabbi took advantage of every free moment to learn Torah and spread it to the public. He strengthened the rulings of Halacha, gave decisions on issues of great import and worked for the public with true love for Israel.”

“Rabbi Shteinman raised generations of students who will continue to proudly carry the torch of the Torah. This Hanukkah eve when we commemorate the victory over the decrees of the Greeks that prohibited the laws of the Torah- the world of the yeshivot is flourishing.”

“The Rosh Yeshiva forged important links in the chain of Torah spanning thousands of years and his memory will dwell in the eternal pages of our nation’s heritage. The Jewish nation lost its central lighthouse of the spirit and the heritage of character development,” concludes the Prime Minister’s letter


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