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The Lebanese Report Israeli Planes Flying Overhead

An Israeli air Force helicopter crashed in the Rimon Air Force Base in Southern Israel. The Apache was about to land and it plunged to the ground from the height of the control tower at about 9:00 pm last night. Pilot Dudi Zohar from Haifa was killed and the co-pilot whose name was not disclosed was brought to Soroka Hospital in Beer Sheba and was operated on last night.

Moshe Kachalon announces there will be another apartment raffle next month for eligible families to buy an apartment at a discount in the following cities: Rishon LeTzion, Modiin, Netanya and Beer Sheba.

Lebanese media reports Israeli war planes flying in Southern Lebanon skies.

Arab Terrorists tried running over police in Rechovot last night. When failing to hit them they fled the car in foot and were being searched for.

Israeli study shows anti-depressant medication slows cancer growth: In Petach Tikva a study shows that taking anti-depressants before and after an operation to remove cancerous growths lowers the risk of recurrence. Researchers say this may because depression causes the body to produce hormones that harm the immune system and the anti-depressants prevent that from happening.

Abdallah in Ramallah: Jordanian King Abdallah visited Ramallah yesterday to show solidarity with the PA in response to the temple Mount crisis that is supposed to be over. His last visit was 5 years ago.

World news:

US attacks on Iraq-Syria border: Iraq claims 40 people were killed and over 70 were wounded.

The identity of the 1641st body from the Twin Towers massacre in 2001 became known yesterday. There were a total of 2,753 and 1,112 remain unidentified. The last positive identification was in March 2015. 


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