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The Minnesota St. Cloud Mall Attacker Identified

The Somali Muslim who attacked shoppers at 3:30 pm in a shopping mall in Minnesota, has been identified. 

Dahir A. Adanas was a 22-year-old college student at St. Cloud Technical and Community College. He immigrated to the US 15 years ago. 

During his attack at the St. Cloud shopping mall, 70 miles northwest of Minneapolis, he was dressed in a private security uniform and reportedly shouted Allahu Akhbar.

He injured 9 individuals who required treatment in local hospitals although none of them have life-threatening injuries.

An off-duty officer called Jason Falconer shot and killed him.

St. Cloud's mayor and police chief praised his swift actions which prevented a greater disaster. ISIS has taken credit for the attack.

Police raided his parents’ home and seized photos and other materials. His father Ahmed Adan was informed by police of his son’s death, and said he had “no suspicion” that his son was involved in terrorist activity.

The Islamic State group has claimed responsibility for the attack.


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