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The Netanyahu’s and Trump’s at Their Private Dinner

Last night, (Monday) Donald and Melania Trump were guests of Benjamin and Sarah Netanyahu at the Prime Minister’s Residence on Balfour Street in Jerusalem. Here is some of the dialogue according to Ynet.

Netanyahu to Trump: “Welcome to our palace.”

Sarah Netanyahu: It’s very humble; we just painted it in your honor.”

Donald trump: “I really feel at home here.”

Sarah Netanyahu discussing the Hadassah visit with Melania: “It was a wonderful visit, full of inspiration with the children.”

Benjamin Netanyahu: “Now let’s go get some pictures”.

Sarah Netanyahu: “We have a few stops.”

Benjamin Netanyahu: “But beforehand, this is a gift for you; a Tanach- Bible 150 years old.”

Donald Trump: “It is really beautiful.”

Sarah Netanyahu: “I was very happy he decided to give you this gift.”  

Benjamin Netanyahu: “It’s a good book.”

Donald Trump: “Do we need to say speeches now?”

In their speeches at the Prime Minister’s Residence both Trump and Netanyahu spoke about efforts to bring peace between Israel and the PA.
Trump: “This is a great honor to be with my good friend Prime Minister Netanyahu. This is a land full of beauty, wonders and the spirit of G-d. It is full of monuments, holy sites and generous people. Everything is tied to the people. Today we reaffirm the strong bond of friendship built on freedom and on shared beliefs. And the hope is that Israel will have peace. We want Israel to have peace. We’re more than friends, we are great allies. We should take advantage of the situation. There are many things thatcan now happen that couldn’t happen before and we understand this well. This includes prosperity, fighting terror and dealing with the Iranian regime which threatens the entire region and creates great violence.”
Trump on peace with the Palestinians: “I heard that this is the most difficult agreement to make but I have a feeling we’ll get there at the end. I’m convinced we will have very productive discussions.”

After Trump spoke, Prime Minister Netanyahu also spoke. “We had an exceptional discussion and whan I sat exceptional it covers everything! I think we understand one another. I want to thank you for your commitment to the security and peace of Israel. We appreciate the American change in policy toward Iran. The Israeli nation salutes you. Enemies from the past become friends. This is new and it won’t be easy but for the first time in my life I see hope for change.  The Arab leaders you met can create the conditions for a real peace. These are good signs in your historic visit.”                                                    

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