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The PA will Ask for State Status in the UN

Israel news:

The PA plans on petitioning to the UN to raise their UN status from being an observer state to a regular state with a vote in the UN, Yediot Aharonot reported this Sunday morning. It is assumed that the US will veto such a resolution should it come up in the UN.

Organizations which support BDS will be barred from entering Israel: According to ‘Hahadashot’ Channel 2 News organizations and activists which boycott Israel were put on a list to prevent their entering Israel. 20 organizations from around the world including Europe, South America, South Africa and the United States, and even one American Jewish organization were monitored and were observed encouraging boycotts and attacks against Israel. Interior Minister Aryeh Deri will decide whether or not these people and organizations will be allowed to enter Israel.

‘Release Ahed’ graffiti sprayed in Jerusalem: A man and a woman, both residents of Jerusalem were caught and arrested for spray-painting graffiti at a local building site with the words “Release Ahed” (Tamimi,) the girl arrested for slapping IDF soldiers over the past 5 years.

World news:

Egypt for Jerusalem being Israel’s capital: Captain Ashraf al-Kholi an Egyptian intelligence officer told media outlets to support US President Donald Trump's recognition of Jerusalem according to the New York Times. The Times got hold of 4 audio recordings of phone calls in which al-Kholi keeps asking, “How is Jerusalem different than Ramallah, really?” Neither the Egyptian government nor al-Kholi responded to Times’ requests for comments and confirmation of the information.

Presently, Egypt is struggling to subdue the Hamas and the Islamic brotherhood. Because of this Al-Kholi believes that an intifada would not be in Egypt's national interests, because it would revive both of them and give them renewed strength.

Iranian authorities arrested the Former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad according to British based Al-Quds Al-Arabi newspaper. They report that Ahmadinejad attended a rally in which he publicly criticized the government and was arrested for incitement against the government.

“Present officials are removed from the people’s problems and concerns, they know nothing about the realities in society…Iran doesn’t lack resources, it suffers from mismanagement…Hassan Rouhani’s government believes they own the country’s land and that public society is ignorant…The people are angry at the government’s monopoly on public wealth.”

Perhaps with pressure from within and from without, Iran will merit to overthrow the revolutionary regime and become a democracy providing the freedom and prosperity its citizens deserve.

A freight ship collided with an oil tanker in the East China Sea and 32 people are missing according to the Chinese Ministry of Transport Ministry. The freight ship crew was rescued and those missing were Iranian and Bangladesh residents on the tanker deck at the time of the collision.


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