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The Rebels Strike Back

Israel News:

Bat Yam municipality decided to keep stores closed on Shabbat and scrapped a meeting about adopting the new law which would allow municipalities open some stores on Shabbat.

Israel Air Force attacks terror infrastructure in Gaza: Last night immediately after rockets were fired into Israel the air force responded with a retaliatory attack. This past month 20 missiles were fired into Israel and 4 landed in residential areas. The IDF spokesman said “The IDF will continue to use all the means at its disposal above and underground to stop attempts to harm residents of Israel. We are prepared and set up for a variety of scenarios and we’ll act on every attempt to breach Israel’s sovereignty.”

The IDF, GSS, Border Police and Israel Police in a joint campaign caught 10 men wanted for terrorist activities including: violence against citizens and security personnel and disturbing the peace.

El-Al phases out its low cost flight label called ‘Up’: In a strategic decision, El-Al decided to offer 3 levels of service in its European flights which will keep competitive with European markets and do away with the need for the low budget division.

Israel prepares for flood rains this Thursday evening till Shabbat organizing the first responders and shelters to accept people flooded out of their homes. The Haifa municipality made sand dikes on their beaches to prevent waves flooding the streets and special pumps were set up in flood prone areas. Israel railways pruned trees near the tracks placed outdoor ‘mushroom’ heaters in stations to keep passengers warm.  The Hermon Regional Council prepared 70 tons of salt for the roads leading to Mount Hermon as skiing season on the site is now open.

World news:

The rebels strike back in Syria destroying 7 Russian planes and injured at least 10 Russian personnel on a Syrian Air Force Base in a shelling attack. An ammo depot was also destroyed.

East coast of US prepares for bomb cyclone bringing strong winds to an already frozen north east and blizzard conditions as far as northern Florida. Snow already fell in Tallahassee, Florida and in Savannah Georgia they got 3.2 inches. New York schools are already cancelled due to the cold weather snap.

 ISIS vs. Hamas: ISIS militants based in the Sinai Peninsula produced a movie denouncing Hamas as heretics and showed footage of ISIS executing a Hamas military division member.


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