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The Tension is at its Peak: Polling Stations Opened, Voting has Begun

After a particularly turbulent period, the long-awaited moment has finally arrived – America begins choosing their next President. Polling stations in New York, Connecticut, Indiana, Kentucky, New Jersey and Virginia have already opened, and during the day additional polling stations will open across the country.

Hillary Clinton leads, though what will happen if Trump loses? According to the latest survey conducted by the Huffington Post, if Trump loses the election but continues to insist – it will be a step that imposes a threat to democracy.

This is also the reason that more than 56% of those who participated in the survey expressed a positive stand when asked whether they thought Trump should receive the results of the elections as they are.

Meanwhile the battle is at its height, and experts are still trying to understand and anticipate the scenarios there may be after receiving the results. This is of course hoping that the candidates will receive them properly, and will not drag the entire US into a legal battle.


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