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The U.S. Stands Behind Israel Opposing Anti- Semitic UN Report

‘For decades the UN has been Israel bashing and we’re not making peace with that. We want them to know there’s a new administration that won’t put up with this nonsense. We will always give Israel a back every time someone stands up against it.’
Mike Huckabee added: “It’s time for the U.S. to stop funding this nonsense! I’ve been visiting Israel since 1973 and probably have a better handle on what’s going on that most of these dudes that write this foolishness. It’s true that Mr. Guterres distanced himself from the report but he should have never let the report happen. And now that it’s out he should revoke it.”

Watch Nikkei Haley and Mike Huckabee stand up for Israel against the UN in this short video.


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