The Value of a Smartphone

Hello from your Smartphone!
You hold me with both hands ever so gently.
You ensure that I am always with you.
If I fall you make sure I am not injured.
I always have your undivided attention.
You get upset if others disturb our time together.
You never leave home without me.
You never forget me in a taxi.
Or anywhere else.

If you don’t know where I am for a single minute, you panic.
When you eat, I'm beside you.
When you're in the bathroom, I'm with you.
When you sleep, I am by your pillow.
When I scream you rush and pick me up.
When I am low you re-energize me.
You decorate me with pretty clothing.

Every month you set aside money for me .
You upgrade me as soon as there’s something new out there for me .
When you are bored you find me interesting.
When you are sad I bring a smile to your face.
When you come home from work I am your priority.
You spend more time with me than with your family.
But don’t forget!
I couldn’t care less if you didn’t do any of the above because I have no feelings for you.
I don’t love you.


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