Top Columnist Cal Thomas Against Two State Solution

Netanyahu, in disputing Obama’s initiation and spearheading the Anti-Israel UN Resolution repeats over and over that history shows the Jews were in Israel long before Arab peoples showed up. With the help of world media Arabs are rewriting the past to the point that it belongs in the fiction section of bookstores. Alan Dershowitz says 'Kerry deserves an oscar for the best fiction'.

What deludes people like Obama and Kerry into thinking that if Israel makes more concessions those who use terror want to destroy the country and kill every Jew in it will suddenly stop? Has Israel’s Gaza giveaway brought it closer to peace? NO! Instead, it brought in the Hamas who use Gaza as a launching pad for terrorist attacks. Then with the help of world media, when Israel defends itself from Hamas missiles raining down on it they must worry about seeing their self-defense twisted into war crimes that can be tried at The Hague.  

Agreements with the PA aren’t worth the paper they are printed on! Israel released terrorist prisoners and still got terror. Israel gave up land and got more terror.

The stated position of Palestinian leadership and much of the Arab world (and Iran) is to eliminate Israel. People who still think that the key to peace and stability lies solely with Israel are ignoring the obvious. The self-deluded believe a separate Palestinian state will bring peace. Gaza is already a glorified missile base against Israel. Another parcel of land creating a state would just be another much larger base for a modern “final solution” against Israel.

Palestinians leaders have already said their state would be one without Jews. History shows that they mean it. After Israel became a state Arabs banished hundreds of thousands of Jews from their lands. With the exception of Morocco and Tunisia that have tiny Jewish minorities, all Arab lands are “Judenrein”.  

Netanyahu keeps calling that “ethnic cleansing.” But the world conveniently turned the Palestinians into underdogs so it can apply a different standard to the heinous behavior of the Palestinians agreeing that they are “freedom fighters”. Just listen to the narrative at universities around the world. Israel does ethnic cleansing. The millions killed in the Middle East this past decade is not ethnic cleansing. Soon the universities will also be “Judenrein”.

Cal Thomas wrote on Fox News:
“The late Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin once told me that while Israel needs friends, it could never fully trust any nation for its security. The Obama administration’s refusal to veto the U.N. resolution is more proof he was right.”

“Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) says he will ask Congress to stop sending money to the U.N. until the resolution is repealed. His proposal is gaining support among some pro-Israel Democrats. Netanyahu has announced the termination of programs and aid to nations that voted in favor of the resolution and recalled some of his country’s ambassadors from those states.”

“At a time when Jews the world over are celebrating Hanukkah and the miracle of lights, Barack Obama has attempted to turn out the light on the Jewish state.”

“Israel will survive, because it has survived worse than a U.N. resolution, but the action will only encourage her enemies, which include every nation that voted for this resolution and engaged in boycotts of Israeli products and businesses.”

“The prophet Isaiah wrote: “Speak tenderly to Jerusalem” (Isaiah 40:2). The Psalmist said: “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem” (Psalm 122:6).”

“In his final insult to Israel, President Obama has spoken harshly and ensured there will be more war, not peace. The Nobel committee should demand he return his prematurely awarded Peace Prize.”

Indeed it pays to look at the map above to see that since Obama came into office the whole Middle East beacme a bloodbath. Does he really have the solution or did he cause most of it?

Based on Cal Thomas article on Fox News website.


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