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Trip Report: Jason Greenblatt in Saudi Arabia for Shabbat

Middle East Emissary Jason Greenblatt sanctified G-d’s name in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He came with Trump on his visit to Saudi Arabia and had to stick around for Shabbat. He didn’t enter a car on Shabbat, didn’t go to Trump’s speech on Shabbat nor did he get to see the ‘Sword Dance” that took place on Shabbat.

Before Shabbat Jason Tweeted a picture of his Shabbat meals and he wrote the following:
My Fri. Nite meal in Riyadh. Shabbat shalom. #MissMyWife&KidsSoMuch

I guess now that he landed in Israel he can have some real food that’s really kosher without having to sacrifice like he did on Shabbat.


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