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True Honor-Honesty

Tens of thousands of people would ask Rabbi Elazar Shach, The Rosh Yeshiva of the Ponivezh Yeshiva for his advice, not just in Jewish law but also in mundane matters. They knew that there’s no substitute for his advice which always expressed his clean pure Torah infused thoughts on the matter being asked about.

Once, an elderly woman asked her grandson, that after she passes away, if he has a daughter, he should name his daughter in her memory. This woman died, the young man wanted to fulfill his grandmother’s wishes but G-d had different plans. This man had 7 sons and then his own mother passed away. Then finally after his mother’s passing a daughter was born. Now what does he do? Does he need to keep his promise first and name her after his grandmother or should he name her after his own mother that just recently passed away?

This man didn’t know what to do so he sought the advice of Rabbi Shach. He went into the great study hall in the Ponivezh Yeshiva and approached the seat of the Rosh yeshiva. He knew he would get his question properly answered.

The Rosh Yeshiva listened to the question attentively and said: “This is a very difficult question; I need to think about it.”
With his hand on his forehead The Rosh Yeshiva sat deeply in thought. After a few minutes he got up and said, “I think I have an answer”…then he said, “one minute, not yet”… and he sat back down. Then the Rosh Yeshiva stood up again to say something then he backed off again and sat down again to consider both sides of the question.

The man asking the question was astounded. Rabbi Shach was treating his question as if it was a matter of life and death!

The face of the Rosh Yeshiva lit up. He got up and said: “Please tell me why you want to call your daughter in memory of your mother, because you want to honor your mother! Therefore, you should know, I think your mother will get far more honor in the world of truth in heaven if her son will keep his word to his grandmother and name his daughter in her memory.”

That was it! The doubt was dispelled and the twisted path suddenly straightened out with an answer which included wisdom, pure logic, Torah knowledge and the understanding of people. 


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