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Trump After the Victory: “I Won Thanks to the Creator”

Jack Turks, political correspondent of the Ami magazine, reveals that President-Elect Donald Trump believes that his surprising victory came about because he had the assistance of G-d.

The conversation between Turks and Trump took place during the victory party held by Trump, in the ballroom of the Hilton Hotel in Manhattan.

“On election night, as soon as the surprising victory became clear, I went to Donald Trump and asked him: 'Who do you attribute your great victory to'? Said Turks. “Initially, Trump replied that 'there are many reasons for the victory, but I asked again: 'What is the main reason'? “At this point Trump with his finger pointing upwards towards heaven, said that the victory is only thanks to the Creator”.

It should be noted that, according to political analysts, while Jewish voters in the US are generally considered supporters of the Democratic Party, by the Orthodox public it is exactly the opposite. In this past election between Donald trump and Hillary Clinton, over 70% of the Orthodox community in the United States voted for Trump.

In addition, yesterday (Monday) it was reported that in the city of Lakewood Trump received the highest percentage of votes, from all of New Jersey. Lakewood residents, many of them Orthodox, voted for President-Elect Donald Trump following the advice of the community Rabbis.


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