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Trump Signed a New Immigration Order

On Monday night President Donald Trump signed another executive order pertaining to immigration which is supposed to be a substitute for the previous one that caused a public outcry in the states and was met with opposition from the courts. The Secretary of the State points out that now the fixed up order will strengthen the security of the United States and its allies.

The new order will be somewhat more forgiving than the original one. It will only prohibit immigration temporarily from 6 instead of 7 Muslim countries of people that want to renew their entry visas to the United States. These countries are Sudan, Syria, Libya, Iran, Somalia and Yemen.

However, unlike the previous order, people from these countries with valid entry visas to the states will be able to enter. In addition Iraq was taken off the list of countries prohibited in an effort to encourage and strengthen the alliance the U.S. has with Iraq.

The new immigration order will go into effect on March 16th.  


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