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Trump Will Meet With Abu Mazen

Israel News
Elor Azaria's appeal: Elor Azarya's appeal against his conviction of manslaughter will begin today at the Military Court of Appeals in the Kirya. For more information, click here.
The Knesset plenum will begin legislation tomorrow setting up the broadcasting corporation: MK Bitan,who initiated of the move, is moving quickly since the public broadcasting corporation must start operating on May 15.
The government will increase tax credits for working parents. The plan will significantly increase tax credit points granted to working spouses who are parents of small children up to age six.
“Trump is seriously considering the transfer of the embassy”: US Vice President Mike pence said at an event marking Israel's Independence Day reiterating Trump's commitment to transfering the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.
International Human Rights Watch: “Hamas unlawfully holds missing Israelis”: Human Rights Watch condemned Hamas for holding Abra Mengistu and Hisham al-Sayyed “illegally” in the Gaza Strip and reported that Hamas held them because they were IDF soldiers. Human Rights Watch warned of their shaky mental state and demanded to be allowed to contact them.
Foreign News

Trump will meet with Abu Mazen in Washington: According to the report, Abu Mazen's associates fear that Trump will press Abu Mazen to cancel the transfer of PA funds to families of terrorists.
A British report reconsiders the British approach to the Middle East. It also calls on British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson to “seriously consider recognizing a Palestinian state in order to advance the Middle East peace process.”

Trump and Putin spoke on the phone: Putin called on his American counterpart to show restraint in its policy toward North Korea to ease tensions. They both agreed the war in Syria went on “far too long” and concluded that all parties must do everything in their power to end the war.
Israel Weather
Today: Partly cloudy, temperatures dropped slightly and will be lower than normal, especially in the mountains. In the morning there may be light rain in the north and coastal plain. Tonight: Partly Cloudy
Thursday: Clear to partly cloudy. Temperatures without significant change. During the day, possible rainfall in the northeast of the country.
Friday: Partly cloudy to clear. Temperatures without significant change.
Shabbat: Partly cloudy to clear. Temperatures will rise slightly.


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