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Trump’s Israeli Supporters

The Las Vegas Jewish entrepreneur  Sheldon Adelson was known for supporting Donald Trump, but there were more. Miami Businessman Yaakov Shaham is one of the few Israelis who can call themselves a friend of the American president-elect. He and his wife own the Palace Group, a chain of prestigious senior living communities in Miami.
He met Trump four years ago in Palm Beach at the golf course and began to meet with Trump regularly. When Trump told him he was thinking of running for the presidency, Shaham told him that he would support him.
“The Donald Trump that I know is completely different from the Trump that yells at rallies and inflames the crowds,” said Shaham. “Privately, Trump is much quieter, much more sensible, and also a very smart man with a great sense of humor. He's a completely different man behind closed doors.”
Ten days before the election, Trump’s daughter Ivanka phoned Shaham, and the Israeli made a six-figure contribution. Another Israeli, real-estate mogul Michael Dezer, who built some properties together with the president-elect, also made an over-$100,000 donation. 
“We offered it to him of our own initiative,” Shaham said.
The Shahams and another five big-donor couples had a private breakfast with Trump and his entire team six days before the election. “The leadership of the RNC spoke. They explained that Trump was on the right path. Having heard what they had to say, I can say that I wasn't surprised at all when Trump won.
“Trump explains that he'll keep all his promises, but it'll take time. He told us that the media doesn't like him and doesn't want him. They're eating their hat now, including Obama. He told us that he wants to strengthen the United States from within, and after that he'll deal with the free world.”
Shaham claims that most Israelis who live in the United States voted for him, contrary to Jews who mostly voted for Hillary Clinton.
Concerning Israel, “Trump really likes Bibi. He says, 'Listen, Bibi is a strong person, and Israel needs a strong person. I like that there's somebody strong who's sitting at the top.' I have not heard one word of criticism from him on Israel.”


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