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Trump’s Jerusalem Declaration: Rabbi Lau Says “When We Want Jerusalem They Won’t Denounce Our Ties to It”

In a discussion about Trump’s declaration recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s eternal capital, Israel’s Chief Rabbi, Rabbi David Lau told Arutz Sheva that Israel’s connection to Jerusalem does not need any proof or confirmation. But our connection to Jerusalem in the eyes of the world depends on what Israel does.
Rabbi Lau quoted the Mishna which says: “In the times before the messiah, truth will be hidden” to people, even as it stands in plain view for all to see.” Rabbi Lau explained that the word hidden also means flocks meaning “each group will have its own truth”. In no generation was this more apparent than ours with each group trumpeting its truth to the exclusion of all other group’s truths.
Rabbi Lau said that Jerusalem is mentioned in the Bible hundreds of times. It is the dream of every Jew throughout the years and Jerusalem is always mentioned in every one of our prayers. Yet there are people who think they know better and ignore the ancient connection Jews have with Jerusalem. This is reassuring for when people deny the obvious it tells us that we indeed are in the days before the messiah.”
Rabbi Lau added, “I must stress one point: What the world says it is less important to me, what we do is more important. When we are unified and it is completely clear to us that Jerusalem is our capital and how important this city is to us, then we will strengthen our ties to it, strengthen employment in it and strengthen living in it. When we are resolute about this and do something about it fewer countries will denounce our ties to Jerusalem. The main thing is how we act and when we do the right thing we hope to merit divine assistance.”

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