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Tunnel Collapses on Train Full of Nuclear Waste

On Tuesday, a tunnel collapsed inthe Hanford Nuclear Reservation located in Hanford, Washington. The reservation originally was a factory for nuclear weapons where the plutonium for the atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki was made. Now it is mainly a major storage site for nuclear waste.  

According to reports there were no workers in the tunnel when it collapsed but workers nearby were evacuated and those further away were asked to stay indoors and make sure the place they’re in is well ventilated. Workers were also asked to refrain from eating and drinking food and water that may have been exposed to the waste.

Reports say this site is possibly most polluted nuclear waste site in the United States. The tunnel that collapsed contained contaminated substances including nuclear refuse containers used for moving the radioactive rods of nuclear reactors. The site was nicknamed the ‘Chernobyl that’s waiting to explode’ and ‘the most toxic place in America’.

At the time of this writing the fear of nuclear material leaking still exists.


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