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Two Terrorists Killed During Terrorist Search in Jenin

Israel news:

During a search and arrest operation for wanted terrorists, the IDF Maglan unit was subject to terrorists throwing explosive devices at them during the search in Jenin. Two terrorists were killed when soldiers opened fire against the terrorists and thankfully no soldiers were hurt. 21 wanted terrorists were arrested and 18 of them are charged with assaulting civilians and security personnel.

The Defense Ministry and many MKs found the Regulation law which provides clear guidelines for building homes in the Shomron to benefit both Jews and Arabs. People fighting the law and running to the Supreme Court are not doing the country or the Arabs a service, rather the opposite.

Jewish but not proud: The ministry of Education gave its recommendations for high school students visiting Poland which is a custom in Israel. Recommendations include: hiding religious symbols like prayer shawls and tefillin, not wearing a kippah, not singing in public, not wearing any clothing representing your group and not displaying the Israeli flag. “Displaying flags and symbols is considered a provocation.” The ministry claims these are old instructions and they are for security concerns.

Residents of Ramat David in the Jezreel region came to Jerusalem to protest building an airport in the Ramat David military airbase. They protested opposite the Knesset building in Jerusalem.  

Lebanon claims Israel is violating its territorial waters as an Israeli boat was seen off of Rosh Hanikra.

World news:

Sweden is declared best country for immigrants. Next after them are Switzerland, Canada, Australia and Germany.

US signs pact with Qatar to stop terror finance: The other 4 Arab states in the Persian Gulf say that Qatar can’t be trusted, having previously signed similar pacts and ignoring them.

Egypt demands Qatar be removed from anti-ISIS coalition.

The Syrian Human Rights Center claims ISIS head Abu Bacher Al-Baghdadi was killed on the Syrian-Iraqi border. The White House comments: “It’s too early to confirm the reports.”

105 researchers were arrested in Turkey: They’re suspected of conspiring to overthrow the government.


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