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UK Anti-Semitic Crime at All Time High

Israel news:

Friday’s Lion’s Gate terrorists condemned and praised: After Shabbat, King Abdullah of Jordan condemned the terrorists who carried out Friday’s Lion’s Gate terror attack while speaking with Prime Minister Netanyahu. But the next morning the Jordanian parliament praised the terrorists and called them “martyrs”.

More praise for the terrorists in Umm Al Fahm home town of the 3 Lion’s gate terrorists during their burial ceremony. A special memorial service was held in their honor at the El-Furkan mosque. The preacher of the mosque praised them and called them ‘martyrs’.

President Reuven Rivlin states: “Whoever doesn’t denounce terror is a collaborator with terror.”

Terrorist’s mother caught trying to smuggle cell phones to terrorists in Gilboa prison: When searching relatives in a routine search, Security guards discovered three cell phones concealed inside a book a mother was trying to bring to her son. The son, a Hamas terrorist is a prisoner sentenced to ten years for attempted murder. Former MK Ghattas who smuggled phones just entered prison for a 2 year sentence 2 weeks ago. It is expected this woman will receive a similar punishment.

Fire in Safed:  7 people were slightly injures from smoke inhalation from a fire in Safed. A few homes and a few cars were destroyed

Fire near Dolev: 15 firefighting crews evacuated residents and eventually got the fire under control.

World news:

Audit shows UK Anti-Semitism is at all time high: Last year there were 1,078 anti-Jewish crimes a 44% increase from the 2 years before. These crimes are happening because enforcement is very poor. Out of 105 violent anti-Semitic crimes only one was prosecuted. Out of the total of those 1078 Anti-Semitic crimes only 89 ended up with convictions. Almost half of the police that received anti-Semitic crime reports, 48.9% didn’t charge any of the criminals. This mean the casualness to anti-Semitic crime from law enforcement agencies and the justice system are both giving the message that you can harm Jews and get away with it. The statistics were compiled by the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism, the CAA.

More London crime: A man armed with two knives was next to a synagogue in the Hendon section of London was arrested in a Laundromat near the synagogue. Naturally the police believe there was no terror or anti-Semitic motive.

Something positive from London: Mayor Sadiq Khan asked the British Home Secretary Amber Rudd to ban the Hezbollah totally and not differentiate between the military branch and the political branch. It was this differentiation that brought on the anger and indignation of Jewish organizations in the UK when Hezbollah flags flew in London two weeks ago in a parade, each flag with a little note on them saying they were from the political branch. People from the whole spectrum of UK politics are demanding the blacklisting of the Hezbollah political branch of Hezbollah, just as the military branch already is. With this rare bipartisan support, the Conservative and Labour Friends of Israel also called for the blacklisting of the Hezbollah by the government.

The Hezbollah is totally banned in the U.S., Canada and the Arab League though the EU still makes the differentiation and supports the political wing. Initially the mayor wouldn’t make the recommendation but later decided it was the right thing saying: “Anti-Semitism or hate crime of any kind has no place in our city, where we don’t just tolerate diversity, we respect and celebrate it.”

Netanyahu to Macron during his France visit:  “Radical Islam  wants destroy both you and us.”

Macron to Netanyahu: “You should make 2 states with Jerusalem as their capital. We’ll be happy to help.”


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