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UN Strongly Sanctions North Korea

Israel news:

Niv Gil Nehemia the 42 year old stabbed 15 times last week in the Yavne Supersol Supermarket came to the hospital almost dead. But thank G-d his condition is still critical but stabilized. His family thanks the Jewish nation for its prayers and asks that we continue as Niv still is not out of danger.

A new set of quadruplets were born in Netanya last week 3 boys and a girl in the Laniado Hospital to the family of Rabbi Chaim Levi and his wife. They are from the Hasidic court of Zanz where a Shalom Zachar was celebrated on Friday night. Statistically, quads are born once in 750,000 births which makes it quite rare though this is the 3rd set of quads born in Israel in the past year.

The body of the South Korean Tourist that jumped off a boat in the Sea of Galilee was found by the police.

On Friday night, Jews coming home from prayers at the Machpela Caves in Hebron were ambushed by Arabs who threw rocks from the alleyways and rooftops they concealed themselves in. IDF soldiers told the media the incident was a “clash between Arabs and Jews” instead of outright calling it “an ambush of innocent people coming home from prayers.” A 16 year old boy was taken to the hospital by the IDF after sustaining wounds from a rock hitting his head.

World news:

A New Hampshire policeman broke a car window to take a child out of the hot car and save his life only to discover it was a realistic lifelike doll. Jason McCain got a call to go to a Wal-Mart parking lot and found a child in the back seat of the car wrapped in a blanket. He broke the window and seeing the pale color of the ‘baby’ he thought it was already dead. When starting resuscitation he realized it was a doll. The car and doll owner named Caroline bought the lifelike doll for $2,000 to help her get over the loss of her son. In an interview to Washington Post she said she has 40 such dolls at home she bought to deal with her loss at the advice of her therapist. Officer Jason said he was astounded at the creative solutions people find to deal with their painful loss, but at least he knows that if the baby was real he did what he could in his line of duty.

The UN Security Council voted to place strong sanctions on North Korea after it made two missile tests last month. It is estimated that North Korean revenues will be cut by a third as they will be forbidden to export to Asia which was a 3 billion dollar market for them. The sanctions forbid exporting coal, iron lead and more products to North Korea. It also prohibits establishing new business deals with them or in companies that already work with North Korea making new contracts is forbidden. President Trump tweeted: “The UN Security Council voted 15-0 to impose sanctions on North Korea. China and Russia voted with us. This has great economic influence!”   

Algerian pilots allowed a child to fly their plane and lost their jobs as they violated flight rules. The boy was a 10 year old orphan and in a magnanimous but dangerous gesture they wanted to help him fulfill his wish to fly a plane. He was invited to the cockpit where he indeed flew the plane. A pilot described the flight to a local network and 3 days later he and his fellow pilot were fired.


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