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Upper Galilee Gets its Own Radiation Center for Cancer Patients

Israel news:

Haddasah Children’s hemato-oncology dispute: The Shaarei  Zedek hospital said it would not open such a ward. There is a protest tent of children cancer patients and their parents in Gan Sacher Park in Jerusalem because the Hadassah children’s hemato-oncology ward effectively closed down when all the doctors quit after their demands weren’t met. Yesterday Israel’s first lady, Sarah Netanyahu visited the tent and met with the parents protesting there. She said: “I spoke with Health Minister Litzman and my husband the prime minister and I’ll do whatever I can to end this crisis.”

A Radiation cancer treatment center opened in the Upper Galilee: For cancer patients in the region the closest treatment option was a 2 hour or longer ride to the Rambam Medical Center in Haifa. Needless to say this is a difficult trip for cancer patients. Now treatment is close by though residents of the Western Galilee don’t benefit from it being closer to Haifa and some preferring the Tel Aviv hospitals.

Divorce has gone up in Israel: Last year 10,841 couples got divorced in Israel according to the Israel Rabbinate Courts. This is a rise of 1.8% compared to the previous year. On the positive side, many more stranded women whose husbands previously refused to grant a divorce received their divorces this past year as compared to previous years.

Natan Hajani who fell into the Sea of Galilee on Friday is still missing for 4 days. His newlywed wife of 4 months asked for volunteers to look for his body assuming that he drowned.

Drivers on sidewalks may find their tires deflated by parking attendants if a new law to that effect is ratified. The first reading in the Knesset took place yesterday requiring 2 more readings before legislation into law.

World news:

Darren Osborne age 48, was the man who ran over Muslim worshippers coming out of a London Mosque in Finsbury Park this past early Monday morning. He cursed Muslims when in the area and promised to inflict damage on them. Those who know Darren describe him as someone hot-tempered who would often get drunk.

Iran fired 7 missiles at ISIS targets in Syria yesterday. Only two of them got near their target and the rest were way off from a few hundred meters off to many kilometers off. This was also a message to Israel that Iran is still active in the region. Netanyahu responding to an Iranian foreign advisor who said “Israel is the enemy and should be careful” said: “Iran should not threaten Israel.”


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