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US-Israel Tiff over Trump Kotel Visit, Macron Appoints New Prime Minister

Israel news:

A senior US administration member says: ‘It’s none of your business. It’s not even part of your responsibility.The Kotel is not your territory, it’s part of the West Bank”. This was part of his snapping when rejecting Netanyahu's request to accompany President Trump to the Kotel. Traditionally U.S. Presidents avoid official visits to the Kotel. Barak Obama went on a private visit when he came to Israel in July 2008 and meanwhile Trump also plans a non official visit to the Kotel.  

Barghouti’s wish list: In a letter to the prison service Barghouti demands; a public telephone, tv with 20 channels, air conditioners and more… If his demands are met the prisoners will end their hunger strike…

World news:

The US accuses Damascus: “Assad’s men made a crematorium in the jail in the Damascus area. They kill 50 prisoners daily and want to hide their remains by burning them.”

France: Emmanuel Macron appointed Edouard Phillipe of the Republican Party to be the new Prime Minister of France.

Trump announces: “The search for a new FBI director is happening quickly.”

Israel Weather:

Tuesday will see a drop in temperatures back to seasonal levels. Wednesday no change is predicted. Thursday temperatures will be hotter than seasonal and it will be dryer.


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