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Violence During Yaffo Funeral

Israel news:

Elor Azarya’s appeal on his 1 1/2 year sentence will be decided upon today in the Army Court in Tel Aviv. After Elor’s lawyer Yoram Sheftel recommended making the appeal he army prosecutor decided do make a counter appeal to ask for a more severe punishment than the original 1 1/2  year sentence. The defense lawyer claims that his proves the prosecutor’s motive has nothing to do with justice rather it is borne out of vengeance against his client Elor who most of Israel believes should be receiving rewards for his deed killing a terrorist instead of being punished for them.

Violence in Yaffo during funeral of a 22 year old who was shot fleeing police. During the funeral many violent confrontations took place with police, cars were set on fire and 8 people were arrested. Riots took place in other place including Bethlehem in continued unrest after the temple Mount security was removed.

Israel making investigation committee to check what happened in the Jordan Israeli embassy shooting of the Jordanian terrorist who stabbed someone in the embassy. King Abdallah says: “Jordan will not give in on the rights of its citizens.”

A new hotel is being built at Ben Gurion Airport and will have views to the runways and airplane parking areas.

World news:

Trump denounces China’s inaction against North Korea: North Korea just launched another ICBM that is capable of reaching Denver and Chicago. Trump says we have trade with China to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars yet china does nothing but talk when it comes to North Korea.  He tweeted: “China can easily solve this problem.”

China is North Koreas ally and trade partner and it asks the US to come to an agreement with North Korea based on dialogue. Meanwhile the only dialogue is North Korea becoming more belligerent and the US wishing such dialogue was possible. In response to the missile launch two B-1 bombers flew over North Korea accompanied by South Korean and Japanese fighter planes. China would be wise to stop helping this rouge nation with its tyrannical head.

Davis California Imam retracts his invective against Jews and apologized for saying things harmful to Jews. He originally defended himself saying he only lashed out at Israel (which is apparently acceptable) but recordings show he said ‘Jews should be killed’ so he ended up apologizing for his hurtful statements. It remains to be seen why invective against Israel is considered permissible in his eyes or in the eyes of the ADL that accepted his apology. The net result is the same, Jews around the world get killed when Muslims become violent from hearing this incitement whether against Israel or against Jews.

Two New Jersey men who firebombed synagogues are sentenced to 35 years imprisonment: Their names are Aakash Dalal and Anthony Graziano They threw Molotov cocktails at the Beth El Synagogue in Rutherford New Jersey and at the Temple K’hal Adath Jeshurun in Paramus. They also attempted arson at the JCC of Paramus. These incidents took place in the beginning of 2012.


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