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Vitamin D Helps Heal Burns

According to a new study from the University of Birmingham, Vitamin D speeds up the healing of burns and prevents scars from forming on the area burned. There’s a whole body of literature about vitamin D shrinking inflammation, redness and swelling caused by sunburns but this study focused on other types of burns to see if it would be equally effective.

This study lasted 38 years and followed patients who suffered burns of varying degrees and measured the vitamin D levels in their bodies. Findings show that those who had higher levels of vitamin D in their blood healed better with less complications and less scarring. Those with lower levels of vitamin D than recommended (which is most people) had a slower more complicated healing process.

Professor Janet Lord one of the researchers said, “Low levels of the vitamin were identified with poor healing results for burn victims, including healing delays, dangerous infections and even death.” She added that “what complicates the situation is that serious burns deplete vitamin D levels in the body.” Why this happens is not clear and Professor Lord’s research team plans on tackling this question in further research. But meanwhile she says that “taking vitamin D supplements can be a simple safe and inexpensive way to improve the results of treatment of burn patients.”

Vitamin D is known to strengthen the body’s immune system and has anti-bacterial properties which help it shield people against infection which is one of the greatest risks to victims of serious burns.

It should be pointed out that in England the advice given to the entire population is to increase intake of vitamin D in the winter since people don’t get enough sunlight for the body to synthesize its own vitamin D.

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