Want to Protect Your Name? Buy Up Domains

Whoever owns the web domains donaldtrumpsucks.com, no2trump.com, and trumpmustgo.com must really hate Donald Trump, right? The owners of donaldtrumpponzischeme.com and trumpnetworkfraud.com, must be irate customers, of course? And we can expect the same for all the domains that contain Trump’s name and end with “scheme” “fraud” and “sucks”? 

Wrong! The owner is Trump himself. These domains and dozens more that sound like they’re bashing the Republican presidential nominee, his business interests or his political aspirations are all owned by Trump to make sure his critics and rivals can’t have them. 

He and his Trump Organization own more than 3,600 web addresses, the vast majority on the names of his properties, products and progeny. It is common for businesses and celebrities to scoop up and sit on web addresses that could be used to mock or attack them. That’s why Cable giant Comcast owns ihatecomcast.com, and Verizon holds verizonsucks.com. 

“Domains are cheap,” branding expert Rebecca Lieb explains. “Mopping up when somebody acquires a domain and does something malicious with it is expensive.” Web addresses cost just a few bucks to register. 

Hillary Clinton’s campaign owns 70, according to DomainIQ, though none appear to be the kind of derogatory names Trump has registered. 
Despite Trump’s efforts, some opponents have one-upmanned him. 

Chris Puchowicz bought trump.org for $1,272 at an auction in 2012 and snagged trump.tv for $251 a few months later. Puchowicz still owns the domains and has used them to post an anti-Trump rant. Trump’s lawyers have threatened a lawsuit.


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