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Was The Ibn Ezra’s Grave Discovered?

It is a well-known fact that the Ibn Ezra lived in Spain during its golden era about 900 years ago. Near the end of his life he traveled to Israel to spend the rest of his life. But his burial place was unknown.

Yesterday (Wednesday) Channel 20 in Israel announced that his grave was discovered in the Safed cemetery. The words “The elderly, wise, the doctor Abraham Ibn Ezra” were inscribed on it.

The Safed Cemetary Foundation which upkeeps and restores the cemetery found the grave. They explain; “this is an ancient plot that we are restoring. It’s right near the graves of Hannah and her seven sons and next to the grave of the sages Rabbi Joshua ben Hananya and Rabbeinu Bachya (Ibn Pekudah) the author of “The duties of the Heart”.”

The foundation says the gravesite is very impressive with a large stone resting on it. This means someone important was buried here. The inscription almost certainly proves that the person buried here is Rabbi Abraham Ibn Ezra.

Channel 20 mentioned that the Safed Cemetary foundation will soon investigate an adjacent cave and may find graves of other prominent Jews. 


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