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We Don’t Disconnect Life Support Machines

In the province of Karnataka in India there are reports of a strange episode where a young man was pronounced dead from a disease and woke up in the middle of his funeral. The young man, a 17 year old named Kumar Marvad was bit by a rabid dog a month ago.

At first it seemed that the young man was unaffected and spared the ravages of the disease. But as time wore on more and more symptoms appeared like high fever, pus filled wounds and other symptoms. After a few days of laying in bed feverish his family understood that his health is deteriorating and brought him to the nearby hospital.

The doctors said; “they received the young man suffering from seriously infected wounds full of pus and he was but one short step away from death. The infections ravaged his whole body and we had no choice but to induce a coma and attach him to a respirator.”

After a while of no improvement, Kumar’s family decided to disconnect him from the life support machines. The family said: “The doctors said if he is disconnected he will die but we couldn’t stand watching him wither away before our eyes, slowly dying from day to day. We decided to take him home and give him the best care we could and perhaps he would get better… But the doctors prepared us in advance telling us his chances of getting better are non-existant.”

But Kumar didn’t even make it home. He died on the way. “When we got home and checked him we found no signs of life. We understood that he died and we started to organize his funeral,” recounts the family.

Indeed a few hours later Kumar was carried on a funeral stretcher with a small procession of villagers that came for the funeral. But in the middle of the funeral the villagers were shocked to find that Kumar opened his eyes and started mumbling incoherent words. “This was the first time we ever saw such a thing. We had no choice but to bring him back to the hospital and that’s what we did”, explained a brother in law.

Kumar was again taken to the hospital and attached to the breathing machines. His condition is still critical but stabilized. The doctors who obviously have a strong ethic of saving lives said: “It’s a pity that people take the fate of their sick family members into their own hands. The patient may suffer but there is always a chance he will rally and recover. And even if he doesn’t recover, it is not our job to disconnect him from life support.”


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