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Weddings For The Wounded And The Bereaved

A few weeks ago the entire country of Israel shared in the grief of the Littman family, as the father and brother of Sara Techiya Littman who was supposed to get married that week were gunned down by terrorists. Sara and her fiancée, Ariel Bigel, responded by inviting the entire Israeli public to their wedding, which took place a week later than the original date. Indeed, ten thousand people flocked to the wedding and the bride and groom had to leave the hall in order to greet all the well-wishers. Despite the pain they had experienced, they managed to put on a brave face and rejoice at their wedding. This week the young couple attended a ceremony where an ambulance was donated in memory of Netanel and Yaakov Littman to save lives were life was so cruelly taken.

During the same week that Littman lost her father and brother, an Arab rammed his car into three Yeshiva students who were standing at a bus stop near Elon Moreh in the Shomron. One of them was Roi Kapach from the village of Talmon, who was seriously injured in his legs. Last week he was transferred from the Beilinson Hospital in Petach Tikva to rehabilitation in the Tel Hashomer facility. Last night he announced his engagement to Tehilla from the town of Chashmonaim.

Kapach says that he hopes to fully recover by his wedding and told the Israeli site Channel 7: “Thank G-d that there is a new Simcha (joyous event). They tried to take away life and we here are sparking new life. Now I am starting the rehabilitation process and most of the day I spend in bed, but G-d willing I will be OK by the wedding.”

Kapach wished the others who were injured a speedy recovery and said that the wedding date would be fixed according to the state of his legs. 


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