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What Did Rabbi Zamir Cohen say about Elor Azarya’s Verdict?

In Rabbi Zamir Cohen’s weekly class in the Great Synagogue of Tel Aviv Rabbi Zamir Cohen, the head of Hidabroot had strong words to say about the guilty verdict handed down to Elor Azarya. Rabbi Cohen said we’re talking about a big mistake that endangers IDF soldiers and may G-d forbid bring to loss of life.

“It is definite that this guilty verdict is a great danger to Jewish Soldiers,” Rabbi Cohen said. “It’s a big mistake to indict someone with manslaughter and through that instill fear in all soldiers that will now be afraid to shoot at an approaching terrorist for perhaps they will be charged with manslaughter. This can also cause loss of life. Who knows how many soldiers died until today because they feared shooting before… and now they themselves were killed.”

“A soldier must know that “One who comes to kill you, you get up and kill him”. When a man sees someone who is definitely a terrorist he should shoot him without fear. He shouldn’t need to worry if he’ll be accused. Quite the contrary- he should make sure the enemy doesn’t survive the episode. They have to know that someone who chooses to kill doesn’t make it out alive. Just don’t break laws in doing so, of course.”

Rabbi Zamir Cohen also discussed the pardoning that people are hoping Elor will receive and said: “At most he should have been reprimanded but not to be accused of manslaughter. Now that this was the verdict we should do everything in our power to make sure Elor is pardoned and with the help of G-d he will go out for a good life and peace.”


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