What Does Your Facebook Status Says About YOU? 

Millions of people post updates on the social media site every day, hoping people will take a look and show interest in them. It turns out according to a report in Healthista, that a person is giving himself away in his Facebook posts.

In a study from Brunel University, researchers analyzed 555 online surveys completed by Facebook users.

Their surveys focused on the Big Five personality traits: extroversion, openness, agreeableness, neuroticism and conscientiousness as well as self-esteem and narcissism.

Extroverts use Facebook as a tool for social engagement and create statuses about social activities.

Narcissists update about their achievements, diet, and exercise as they seek attention and validation. They seek less social interaction and more impersonal information sharing, such as current events and research.

Open, curious and creative types post about political beliefs and intellectual topics as they seek information sharing over social interaction.
Conscientious users post infrequently as they are sensitive about how others receive their updates. When they do post, it is most often about their children.

People with low self-esteem post frequently about their romantic partners, to quell insecurities and demonstrate their relationship is going well.
Dr. Tara Marshall, of Brunel University, said, “It might come as little surprise that Facebook status updates reflect people’s personality traits. However, it is important to understand why people write about certain topics on Facebook.”


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