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What Feeding an Army on Rosh Hashona Looks Like

The IDF has completed its preparations for Rosh Hashana for all its soldiers in dozens of army bases and outposts in its army, navy and air force branches.

What does Rosh Hashana preparations look like for an army?

10 tons of fish
10 tons of roast beef and goulash
42 tons of turkey and chicken
13 tons of shnitzel
and 12 tons of barbequed meat.

For vegetarians, IDF is supplying vegetable shnitzel, corn shnitzel, veggie patties and plenty of vegetables.

As for the special Rosh Hashana goodies, the IDF has prepared 2 tons of pure honey in which the soldiers will dip 14 tons of apples. For Kiddush, IDF has ordered 7,500 bottles of grape juice.

The tables will be served close to 32 tons of fruits and vegetables (including squash, beets, mushrooms, vegetables, dates and a large range of dried fruit) as well as 7 tons of pomegranates.

For desert, what else could there be but honey cake? To ensure every soldier gets his portion, IDF ordered 8 tons of rich honey cake.


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