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“When You Read the Scriptures You’ll Understand the Ties between Jerusalem and the Jewish Nation”

President Emmanuel Macron and Prime Minister Netanyahu had an official meeting together at the Elysee Palace in Paris. This meeting centered on Trump’s declaration recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. In a special press conference at the end of the meeting macron said he sees Israel as a friend and is committed to its security. But “I made my dissatisfaction with President Trump’s declaration clear to the prime minister. In my opinion it violates international law and doesn’t contribute to the peace process.”

Macron also addressed the terror attacks on Jews and Israelis in France saying “these attacks will forever be unforgiveable and France wants peace.”

Netanyahu thanked Macron for denouncing terror and said that Macron’s efforts to contain Iranian terror are commendable. But as far as Macron’s unhappiness with Trump’s declaration Netanyahu didn’t mince words: “Paris is the capital of France and Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. It is Israel’s capital already for over 3,000 years and the state of Israel’s capital for 70 years. We respect your history and your choices and we know that as friends you will respect ours. I think it’s vital for peace and imperative that peace be built based on the truth, on facts of the past and the present. This is the only way to build a successful future.”

Netanyahu addresses the UN and UNESCO resolutions and those of others that want to tear away the ties of thousands of years between Jerusalem and the Jewish nation. There’s endless effort in these forums to prevent the ties of thousands of years between the Jewish nation and Jerusalem and that is absurd! You can read about these ties in an excellent book called the Scriptures. You can hear about it in the history of Jewish communities around the world that have the custom of saying “Next year in the rebuilt Jerusalem.”

“Where else can the capital of Israel be besides Jerusalem? Where is the Knesset? Where is the Supreme Court or the seat of our Government? The prime minister’s office or the president’s office…? They are not in Beersheba nor are they in Ashdod. Those are wonderful cities but our institutions are all in Jerusalem that was always our capital and never the capital of any other nation. And I think the faster the Palestinians internalize this the faster we can advance to peace.”

Netanyahu stressed that precisely for this reason Trump’s declaration is not just historic but also so important for the peace process. “We must give peace a chance by establishing it on historical truth and with that open the opportunity for renewing the negotiations.”


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