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Where Our Arab MKs Belong

In response to the passing of the Muezzin Law, Members of Knesset Ahmad Tibi and Osama Saadi (Joint List) both called for an Arab revolt. The Muezzin Law that passed will ban all houses of worship from using loudspeakers. This will end the disruptions five-times-a-day, from muezzin loudspeakers disturbing the lives of tens of thousands of Israeli citizens. Many Arabs also suffer from the loud muezzin, but are afraid to admit it by pain of death.

The passing of the law was preceded by countless threats by the PA and its leaders. After the law was passed, the PA threatened Israel with “disaster,” and Hamas said Israel is “playing with fire.” In response to those threats that seem to have been carried out this past week, Matan Peleg, CEO of Im Tirtzu filed a police complaint on Sunday against MKs Ahmad Tibi and Osama Saadi for their inciting rhetoric. Peleg insists that there is a direct relationship between the MKs' inciting remarks and the number of acts of arson this past week. Peleg said, “The Arab MKs need to act responsibly and realize that they represent all the citizens of Israel. It is important to note that their remarks primarily hurt the Arab sector of Israel, most of who are law-abiding citizens who prefer to live in peace and coexistence. It’s clear that this incitement caused polarization, racism, violence, and terrorism. It is time for the justice system to make clear to Ahmad Tibi and other MKs of the Joint List that they will suffer consequences for choosing to act as enemies from within.”


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