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Who Wrote: “King Solomon Built the Temple on the Temple Mount”?

In an interview on the Voice of Acco radio station, Israeli Historian Itamar Tzur asked an Arab MK Massoud Ganaim to state the Arab position regarding the Temple Mount.

During their conversation, Itamar Tzur quoted a historical document from Haj Amin Al Husseini. “Haj Amin Al Husseini wrote a booklet in the 20’s almost 100 years ago which dealt with the Temple Mount. In the booklet he wrote that the identification of the Temple Mount as the site of Solomon’s Temple is above any debate and King David brought burned offerings and peace offerings there. He quotes from Samuel 2, said Itamar Tzur in the interview. The Arab MK said he’s not familiar with the quoted text.

After the interview, in a conversation with Israel Channel 7 INN News Tzur added: “The place of the Temple is called ‘bet al makdes’ in Arabic, clearly alluding to the Hebrew words ‘bet hamikdash’ meaning the Temple. The fact is that Muhammad first prayed toward Jerusalem to attract the Jews and only started praying toward Mecca after seeing the Jews weren’t converting to Islam. Even the name Al-Quds is also taken from the Hebrew word for temple which also testifies to the ancient historical ties Jews have to the Temple Mount and Jerusalem. But the Muslim world chooses to ignore this fact and divert the discussion to other places”, Tzur Says.

Tzur says in conclusion: “There are a few Muslim leaders that recognize these facts and even state them publicly but they are marginalized by the Muslim world and generally speaking these muslim leaders are in Europe and not in the Middle East.”

Tzur also discussed the merit of having an Arab MK state his position: “We can always bring many archeological proofs and other proofs to the location of the temple but it was important to me to explain to an Arab MK what his own side said.”


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