Will Jerusalem’s Children Get into the Guinness Book of Records?

It’s quite possible that an upcoming Jerusalem school project will end up in the Guinness book of records.  In this project with the new school year’s opening 5,000 drawings that Jerusalem’s kindergarten students, both Jews and Arabs, religious and non- religious, drew will be hung on the ceilings of the Jerusalem light railcars. The project is without precedent in its breadth so the organizers approached the Guinness people to see if it qualifies as a world record.

This project was born in honor of Jerusalem and its being chosen as the topic of the year in the education system. Thousands of children’s pictures will make one huge mosaic that will hang on the ceiling of Jerusalem light rail train cars already in the beginning of the school year.

MK Trachtenberg who visited the children in kindergartens and helped promote the project said: “This endeavor plants the seeds for a better future. When children see their drawings next to the drawings of other children it will implant within them the idea that another way is possible.” 


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