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Woman Terrorist Stopped at Rachel’s Tomb

Israel news:

A fire in Bnei Brak burned an apartment. 3 people were treated for smoke inhalation one young woman in light to moderate condition and 2 more slightly injured.

“Job law” passed first reading:  A puzzling new law passed its first reading saying that a politician that served in the government or was a mayor can use his experience as a proper proof of experience to become a corporate director of a company and needn’t provide more proof as competing people would be required to do. Caveat Emptor Let the buyer, (hirer) beware…

Terrorist at Rachel’s Tomb: An IDF force stopped a woman terrorist carrying a knife. Investigation revealed she wanted to carry out a terror attack.

“If the conversion law agreements are changed we will leave the coalition,” says MK Litzman of the United Torah Judaism Party.

A young man is missing in the Miron Area: His name is Chaim Polackman, age 21 6 feet tall last seen wearing a hat and long coat and rimless glasses, black pants and white shirt. He was last seen at Rabbi Shimon’s Tomb. Anyone with knowledge of his whereabouts should call the police or +972-052-711-8553.

World news:

US increasing inbound flight security and is using more stringent security measures to insure public safety.

6 ISIS men were captured in Europe 2 in Spain, 4 more in various European countries.

A secret German government document warns of the millions of refugees on their way to Europe.


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