World Renowned Chef Meir Adoni Goes Kosher

“Shabbat and Kashrut brought me great blessings.”
“In this restaurant kashrut meets together with culinary experience from the greater world. For people who eat kosher this may their fist time experiencing this type of food. Let's start with an entrée of “Fish Carpaccio” which is wonderful! You spread out the fish with thinly sliced kohlrabi and you spread the sauces and wrap up the fish. Kashrut isn't a hurdle that needs to be overcome.” Meir explains. “But it is a hurdle to overcome” guest Nathan Dattner exclaims!! Meir Explains, “The chef works within certain parameters, natural, vegetarian, etc. . The chef has to take the parameters and materials he has at his disposal to create the most awesome food possible! This is the same with kashrut!  Ingredient x and y don't exist. It's now my job to make the greatest meal with what I do have!
In general, Kashrut ,Rabbanut and the kashrut supervisors are also raising their standards. You suddenly find you can get virtually any Asian product with a stamp of kashrut. They couldn't stay behind and say “cook only with x, y and z we don't care about the rest of the world”!!
Meanwhile Meir created a beautiful entrée and said, “When you finish this we will proceed to the next dish!” Nathan asks, “Why did you open this restaurant?” Meir responds, “My grandmother of blessed memory always urged me:  “Open up kosher… open up kosher and keep Shabbat, you'll see your income double!”Even without Friday night and Shabbat that everyone thinks “how can you make anything if you're closed then?”You'll see you'll earn double!”  Natan asks, “was she right?' Meir answers emphatically, “She was SOOO right! I think about her all the time and I'll start crying soon. But let me say this, there is a blessing that cannot be explained but it's there…..

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