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Would You Like to Buy Baba Sali’s Book of Psalms?

In this morning’s Yisrael Hayom newspaper there’s an article publicizing the auction of Rabbi Yisrael Abuchatzeira’s book of Psalms in the “Jerusalem of Gold” Auction House. Rabbi Yisrael Abuchatzeira was also known as Baba Sali.

The Book of Psalms features two handwritten inscriptions from the Baba Sali. One says “This is my book the small servant of G-d, Ys.A. S.T.  Ys. A. is abbreviation for Yisrael Abuchatzeira and S.T.  is of course Sfardi Tahore (of pure Sfardic descent).

The second inscription is on the inside of theof the cover which says “The year “Teranena” Sefatai (which equals) 5705 (1945).

This is the book of psalms from which the Baba Sali prayed and brought about much salvation to many Jews throughout the world. It also has Rashi’s commentary in it.

Yisrael Raphaeli, curator of the auction house says that the date 1945 inscribed (see above) was 40 years before the Baba Sali’s passing. Baba Sali means “father that prays”. This book of psalms symbolizes prayer through which salvation and healing come to us. Who is more symbolic of that than the Baba Sai who had thousands come to him asking him to pray on their behalf asking for his blessings for salvation from all that caused them pain.

The opening price of the book is $10,000. It is estimated to go for a lot more than that considering the very many people who were saved through Baba Sali’s prayers and blessings.


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