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Rabbi Zamir Cohen

The Ideal Amount of Sleep - Rabbi Zamir Cohen

What goes on when we sleep? Is it just a matter of letting our body rest? Prof. Robert Stickgold: "During an eight hour night, there are two main critical stages during which the brain undergoes both physical and chemical changes". What do our Sages say?

Proof of Prophecy: The First Exile

How long did the first exile last? Did someone predict in advance and guarantee that it would happen? Feel what its like to be a Jerusalem resident in the Land of Israel during the period of the Israelite kingdom

Proof of Prophecy: The First Temple

How can one prove the truth of a prophecy? Rav Zamir sets out in his "Journey to the Truth" the way in which we can verify the truth in a prophecy, demonstrating this with the First Temple prophecies and historical narratives. Journey to the truth 1.1

Proof of Prophecy: The Second Exile

In the previous section of "proof of prophecy" we set out the prophecy regarding the First Temple. In this section we discuss the Second Temple period and subsequent exile as they appear in prophecies and in historical narratives. Journey to the truth 1.2

Seeing the Sounds

Why did God want us to 'see the sounds' when the Torah was given at Mount Sinai? Why was it necessary? What secret was God trying to reveal to us in doing so?

Shmittah - A Triple Crop in the Sixth Year

No one can possibly predict in advance with any certainty how much the crop will increase in years to come, and certainly no one would make a bet to predict a permanent percent increase in crops at determined cycles of every few years. Amazingly, the Torah does just that

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