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'Hatov' by Yonatan Razel

Lyrics: "You are the Beneficent One, for Your mercies have not ceased. You are the Merciful, for Your kindnesses have never ended. From the beginning of time, we have put our hope in You" "הטוב, כי לא כלו רחמיך והמרחם, כי לא תמו חסדיך, כי מעולם קוינו לך " Composed by Ben Zion Shenker

Netanel Menat & Malchus Choir: ’Habeit Na’ - Vocal

The new song reads in the prayer, “הבט נא, רחם נא, למען שמך,” in prayer for the safety of all your people Israel, for the healing of all the afflictions of Israel and for true prayer for complete redemption in our days, when the words of the song: “ברחמיך הרבים ה’ אלוקינו, חוס ורחם והושיעה צאן מרעיתך “ Resonate and pierce every Jew

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