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New Release by Ari Goldwag: Chanukah - For The Light

"Chanukah is the time for the Torah's light, Chanukah is the time to do what's right". The light of Chanukah is the light of the Torah, whose eternal teachings still light up our lives to this day. The attribute of loving kindness is focused on here, with the book "Ahavat Chesed" of the Chafetz Chaim being the inspiration for loving acts of kindness. Masterpiece

Danny Palgon: Bou - Official Music Video

"And every day, to Him I pray, To help me look and see the beauty he created. And I know, yes I know , He’s always there with me each second of each and every day". Produced and Composed by Danny Palgon and Mordechai Shapiro

Micha Gamerman: Rabim - Official Music Video

The new song titled “Rabim” was composed and arranged by American hit marker Elie Schwab. The words from King David in Psalms say "Rabim Omrim Mi Yareenu Tov" People say, who is going to bring us/do for us good? Rashi explains that we need a miracle to see something good, because there is so much bad in the word. King David responds "Nossato Belibi Lismoach Bechelki" that I am feeling good and happy with what I have, not just financially, but everything that I have is exactly what I need. Enjoy

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