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You Gotta Help Me!! The Note Said in Chinese

It might be that working conditions in China are unbearable and workers will try anything at their disposal to get help.

It was recently reported that a woman from Arizona bought a wallet made in China. She found a note inside written in Chinese. She had it translated 3 different times to understand what it said on the note.

The note translated into the following: “I’m a prisoner in China that needs to work manufacturing 14 hours a day getting minimum sustenance and medical care. I ask the help of the finder of this note.”

Though the note is rather direct the woman said she has no idea how to contact this man or help him but she hopes that publicizing it will help and “something good will come from sharing it”.

A woman in North Carolina had a similar story and said her note talked about Chinese prisoners being starved and working 14 hours a day. She alerted her congressman's office and it is now being sent to the Bureau of Legislative Affairs in Washington D.C.

Walmart's, where the wallets were purchased had the following to say: “We can't comment directly on the note but one of the requirements for suppliers to Walmart's is that all work must be voluntary as it says in our Standards for Suppliers.”  


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