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“You Remind Me of my Son That Died in Iraq”

William Jazwinski was stopped last month by a policeman when driving and asked to pull over. He was sure he didn’t do anything to warrant being pulled over so he respectfully asked: “Good morning officer was I speeding?”

“No” said the police officer with a big grin, “I know it sounds foolish but I saw the flag in your windshield so I assumed you were a soldier. I just wanted to thank you for your service.”

William wrote in his Facebook page: “At this point I still wasn’t sure which way the policeman was heading. We started talking and he asked me where I served and what rank I was. I told him I was an officer out of Fort Benning and I did 15 months in Iraq. I saw his expression change.” He said, “My son also went to Iraq only he never came back.” William continues, “I felt very bad for him; I also lost good friends in Iraq and I can only guess how it feels to be a father who sent his healthy son to battle and got him back in a coffin.”

The policeman then lost his composure and asked: “Do you mind coming out of the car so I can give you a hug? You reminded me of my son and I thought you were him and that’s why I pulled you over. I still can’t believe that he’s no longer here.” William continues: “I got out of the car and we hugged, not like strangers but for a minute or two crying.”

William was also trying to heal from the war and he had recently finished a PTSD (Post Traumatic stress Disorder) program and the hug was just what he needed though he didn’t know it beforehand.

William’s post went viral, shared by thousands with many likes and warm comments.  People should pause and think about the freedom we have thanks to people like William and the policeman’s son, the soldier that died for our country.


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