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Young Woman Hatzalah Volunteer: “I May Be Deaf But I Can Save Your Life!”

This is a post in social media that’s getting buzz: in honor of the “International Day of Persons with Disabilities,” United Hatzalah put out a post by Nechama Lobel, someone who was born deaf who volunteers and saves lives.

Nechama writes: “For years I dreamed of being an EMT. I’ve always wanted to help those who needed medical assistance but there were many obstacles along the way preventing me from  fulfilling my dream. 'How could you communicate with the sick and wounded? How can you maintain your personal safety in an emergency?' These were questions everyone used to explain why I was not suitable for the job. They all ignored my great desire to give to society.

“That was until I got to United Hatzalah! When I came to them they looked at me differently, as an equal amongst equals. They saw the plusses and not the minuses. They understood that I cannot hear but were convinced that this was something that could be overcome.”

Nechama  Lobel explains: “The first thing they did was send me to an EMT course to enable me to realize my dream and prepare me for my work.” She completed the course and has since joined the ranks of EMTs and paramedics and treated a whole gamut of emergencies including heart attacks, collisions and wounds.

“If someone with disabilities comes your way and shares his dream with you, try to think of how you can make it succeed instead of finding all the reasons for potential failure. Give people with liabilities opportunities. It will make Israel (and the world) a far better place!” concludes Nechama Lobel.


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