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10 Tips to Protect Yourself from Winter Colds

Winter is here and the winter bug is out. How do we protect ourselves from contagious winter ailments?

1. Strengthen your immune system– eat properly, get enough sleep, take vitamin supplements especially vitamin C and D, eat green leafy vegetables, nuts almonds and fresh fruit and don’t forget to exercise.

2.  Stay away from areas germs like: public sinks, public toilets, and anything many people touch, open doors with a paper towel and bring your own water instead of drinking from a public fountain.

3. Avoid touching your face and make sure your hands are clean by washing more often for 20 seconds with soap and hot water. Scrub your hands well.

4. Drink 8 -15 cups of water a day to flush out germs.

5. Keep your house clean especially the sinks, fridge and bathroom.

6. Don’t wear pajama’s more than a week straight. Every few days they should be laundered in water that’s 400 C. Expert say that pajamas are a place where germs can hide and multiply.

7. Kitchen towels also have germs: they should be laundered daily and after a while replace them.

8. Wash bath towels in water that’s at least 600 C: Bath towels have dead skin cells and germs from the people who used them. The warm moist air is ideal for propagating bacteria so each family member should have their own bath towel too.

9. Change your linens often: They are a germ haven and should be laundered once a week in water that’s at least 600 C. You should also open the windows of your bedrooms to air out the linens, even in the winter.

10. Don’t share toothbrushes: They carry 10 million germs on the average and they should be replaced every 3 months.

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