“When Is the Religious Burial Society Coming to Bury Me?”

Israeli TV personality, advocate Uri Shammai spoke at a Chabad rally a few days ago and had the following story to say:

“Forgive me for opening with might be an infraction against honoring my father but this story is true. My father was a miserly person whose first donation was giving his body to science. I’m not sure you’re aware of this but a year or 2 after they work with the body and they're finished they call up the family to find out what they want to do next with the remains.”

“My father was not a believer but he came to my sister Orly in a dream and asked: “Orly when are the religious coming to take me and bury me?” My sister didn’t pay too much attention to the dream but the next day my mother got a call from the Tel Aviv University Anatomy Department and someone on the line asked: “We finished checking the body. What do you want us to do with the remains? Should we put them in the dump or give them a Jewish burial?”

“We brought him to a proper Jewish burial and I even said Kaddish for him. By the way my mother is more traditional and wants a regular Jewish burial,” Uri Shammai said to applause from the audience. 

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